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100 Day Activities

February 1, 2007


Thursday, February 1, 2007, was the "100th Day of Kindergarten" at High Country Elementary! The kids participated in many 100 day activities and had a lot of fun!


Throughout the day, we participated in many more activities such as stamping 100 fingerprints, working on a 100 piece puzzle, and watching 100 pennies "magically" turn into a dollar bill.


Stickers and stamps were fun!

We even made fingerprint graphs and charts !


We combined our study of the letter "Cc" with the 100th day and had a 100th day campout with a special snack!


Can you see what
makes this snack

  Look closely...
that's right--
it says


One of the kids' favorite activities was collecting 100 autographs for their 100th day autograph book. All the kindergarten classes had a special time where they went from room to room to see how many autographs they could get. They even asked teachers for their autographs!

How many did your child end up getting? Did they get 100?


Would you please give me your autograph?

It was so much fun collecting autographs!

Finally, we made 100 DAY TRAIL MIX. Each child got 10 pieces of 10 different types of food. When they were finished counting out their pieces, how many pieces of food did they have?

You guessed it-


"We are 100 days smarter."



We had a great day and had a lot of fun celebrating the
100th day of kindergarten!



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