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Every September, students and faculty from High Country Elementary gather to have the annual "FREEDOM CELEBRATION".which began the first year after the tragic events of 9-11. This is a part of a district-wide celebration of patriotism.

All the students, faculty, parents, grandparents, and friends show their American pride and honor our country by dressing in red, white, and blue, and singing patriotic songs. Our American "hometown heroes" such as police, firemen, and military personnel were asked to dress in their uniforms so the kids could pay tribute to them and give them the honor and recognition they deserve.

Ms. Sandra Stringer, our art/music teacher, once again organized the successful event. 

Thanks so much to everyone who attended. It was a terrific event and a deserving tribute to all of those who lost their lives on that tragic September 11th and to honor those who strive to keep us safe every day.

Here are a few snapshots showing how Miss Cooper's class showed their American pride.



We proudly displayed our class banner
 as we marched 
 in the "Freedom Parade."

We sang patriotic songs and showed
our American pride!


We love our "Hometown Heroes!"





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Music taken from Independence Day
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