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Our Favorite Links

Here are some links that students and parents should find useful throughout the year. This list will be ongoing as new sites are discovered and added to it. 

ABC Teach

This site contains worksheets to review math, ABC's, and other subjects.

Alphabet Soup

Visit here to find thematic units, holiday units, games, and activities for kids, teacher/parent resources, crafts, etc. You can print color sheets as well as ABC practice worksheets.


This site offers "lots of" learning fun where children can listen to stories and interact with online video activities. It includes "Brain Train"; "ABC's"; "Number" and "Word Matches"; "Musicmania"; and an "Arcade" section. 


Choose a character from the various "Arthur" stories and participate in various learning activities.

Berit's Best Sites for Children

Here you can find reviews of children's sites on the internet. It is full of fun activities as well as different topics for research.

Billy Bear 4 Kids

This is a great site! It has many different learning activities, games, printable sheets, etc.

100 Best Sites for Preschool & Kindergarten

This site gives numerous links for games, all kinds of learning activities, interactive coloring pages, informational sites including zoos, dinosaurs, and much much more!

Clifford's Interactive Storybook

The Scholastic company has created interactive storybooks that feature Clifford, The Big Red Dog. These stories can be read aloud online to students. Also, children can participate in online phonics activities. Directions are read to students!

Create a Pond

This is a virtual activity that lets the child create a pond environment by adding plants and animals to design a pond scene.

Crest-Sparkle City

Kids will love this one! It is a highly interactive site for children to learn how to take care of their teeth. It has songs, interesting games, artwork, etc. The special effects are great!

Dinosaur Playground

Visit this site to experience different kinds of adventures, games, etc., with all kinds of dinosaurs!

Dr. Seuss's Seussville

Dr. Seuss and friends lead you in a variety of learning activities, games, and all types of fun. These activities relate to the Dr. Seuss books.

Enchanted Learning

This site captures a child's imagination, creativity, and enjoyment through learning activities and games of all kinds.

First Grade Backpack

This site has a vast list of links for all types of subject and learning areas. It is full of activities, games, and surprises---even for kindergarteners!

Franklin the Turtle

Join a secret club and enjoy a woodland adventure. Go to the Fun and Games section and have fun!


Games, activities, etc., are arranged according to grade level at this site. The site is updated often with new activities and curriculum.

Game Goo:Learning That Sticks

Colorful, interactive educational games with super graphics help develop  early reading skills. Kids will love this one!


This site swims with all kinds of learning fun! It contains 1500 online, interactive learning games and activities indexed by subject, topic, and theme. Kids will love the underwater graphics and colorful fish!

Handwriting for Kids

Here you can find handwriting worksheets that can be printed out for "homework" practice.

Handwriting Worksheet Maker

Create and print out your own practice handwriting sheets for whatever you want. This would be great for practicing writing names, sight words, etc. 

Currently an "I" site is waiting to be found. Check back later.

Jan Brett Activity Pages

Here you can print out alphabet sets, number flashcards, color sheets, etc. 

KidsCom Jr.

This site is for kids and preschoolers. It has educational games, online coloring books, activities, and other games for the young child.

Kids Online

At this site kids can find their place on the Internet. It has all kinds of activities, games, links, and provides a place to publish their original stories, artwork, etc. 

Learn at Home This site has all types of learning activities for all subject areas. It has reviews, stories, games, etc. 
Little Fingers Online Games Games that require a Shockwave plug-in. They review various skills--math, counting, sorting, reading readiness. Good site!


Come and join Ronald the Clown in a land of learning fun!

Magic School Bus

Hop on the Magic School Bus! Along the way you can play games, show what you know, and make a photo scrapbook! It's a COOL ride!!

Mr. Storytime

Let Mr. Storytime read you an animated story online!

Nick Jr. Playtime

This site contains online storybooks, games, and much more.

Online Kid's Coloring Book Go to this site to find online coloring book pages as well as other activities.

Pauly's Playhouse

Here you can find activities and games to reinforce abc's, counting, puzzles, etc. Young kids should enjoy this colorful site.

Paw Island

This "island" is full of fun and educational activities such as dot to dot pages, color pages, how to draw lessons, matching and "what's missing?" games. 

PBS Kids

This site offers stories, games, activities, and links to other PBS sites. 


This site contains educational games for elementary students. New games will be added throughout the year, so check back often.

"Q" sites are waiting to be found!

Reading Between the Lions

This site provides interactive online games, stories, etc.


You can use this site to review letter sounds, and then combine the sounds to read a short story! Good review activities!

Recipes for Art Supplies

Check out this list of "fun" recipes to share with your kids. You can make your own crayons, play dough, and even "slime."

Sunshine Online

This site has projects and games of different levels for children.

Switcheroo Zoo

Go to this  virtual zoo and switch animals' heads, legs, and tails to make new creatures. You will also learn many things about the "ordinary" animals as you create new ones.

Table of Contents: Kindergarten Activities

This site contains 100 links for activities at the kindergarten level. These activities are divided by specific skills in order to help a child develop the ability to read and write.

Tammy's Tidbits

Here you will find links to sites that kids will love.

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