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Meet the Teacher Night

August 17, 2007





Miss Cooper greeted each student and family at the door and invited us to "HOP" in and visit our classroom.




Our classroom looks so COOL!


It will be fun learning things here!


Exploring the classroom and checking everything out was fun!




We got to check out some
of the centers in
our room!

  Dramatic Play Center


 Science Center  



The Hi-Tech Center

where we can use the 
headphones to listen to stories
use the computers!

Check out the computer screens!

The Math Center


 Puzzle Center


Our parents stayed busy filling out all kinds of forms, and Miss Cooper answered questions and explained class procedures.


Thanks to everyone who came on "Meet the Teacher Night." I
loved having a chance to meet all of the kids and letting them
look around the room before coming to school Monday morning.
Please look over all of the information you received in the purple
folder and let me know if you have any questions or concerns that
were not addressed in the packet. I am looking forward to a 
terrific year for us all! 

     Thanks again for coming; I enjoyed speaking and meeting with
all of you. Your support and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated!

Miss Cooper

Miss Cooper
good hugs!



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