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Miss Cooper's Kinder Korner

>High Country Elementary
       Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD       
Fort Worth, Texas



     I am so happy you have taken the time to visit our site and see what our kindergarten classroom has to offer. Take a few moments to "walk through" our room and view children at work and play. Hands'on learning centers and student facilitated activities are the main focus in our learning environment. Our kindergarten classroom uses self-discovery and creative play to introduce children into the learning process. We look forward to learning about new and exciting things each week and expanding upon them in various ways. Thanks so much for visiting, and we hope you enjoy taking a peek inside our class!
                                                                    Miss Cooper

Meet the Teacher
Get to know some things about me, and find out why I love to teach kindergarten.

Classroom Tour
Take a tour of our classroom centers, and see how we learn and have fun at the same time.

Busy as Bees
Check out
our daily schedule and important reminders of school happenings.

What's for Lunch?
Plan ahead --here are the lunch menus for the month.

Creation Station
Take a look at some of our artwork and inventions!

Class Scrapbook 2002-2003
Visit us regularly, and enjoy photo collections of important events that happen in our classroom all during the year.
School Calendar
Keep updated on schoolwide events by checking here.

Favorite Links Visit some of my favorite sites for students and parents!

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