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Welcome to our Student Showcase! I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some of our students' stories and give you a chance to see how far the students have come in their writings. I hope you enjoy this section of our site.

Take a look at some of the kids' works. For privacy reasons, no names are on the papers, but if your child's writing is on here, I bet he or she could point out to you which one it is. HAPPY READING!!

Miss Cooper


Student #1 wrote: "I love Miss Cooper and the school and the sun is in front of us."


Student #2 wrote: "I like Spencer because he plays with me a lot of time and I like him a lot."

Student #3 wrote: "Me and Mom go to a store to by some gum."

Student #4 wrote: "Me and Noah are surfing and Noah was gonna surf a wave."

Student #5 wrote: "Me and Abbey S. and Katie saw a ant pile."


Student #6 wrote: "My friends are doing weights I did 25 weights then we went to carnival We had candy it was fun."



Student #7 wrote: "I love my family because it is fun to love one another. I want to share with a friend to be nice. It is good to share with it is the best day of my life. I love a grown-up and a funny day. I love my Daddy and..." 



Student #8 wrote: "Garrett and I went to the ocean and we didn't have to breathe and we found a squid . It shocked us and I saved both of us."

 Student #9 wrote: "Me and Tyler and Garrett we are going to work."


Student # 10 wrote: "Spencer and Noah are playing soccer and when we got done we played my X-Box and when we got done, we went to the field and when we got done we fell asleep."

Student # 11 wrote: Hi my name is Kaylee what is yours name my name is Isabella."

Student # 12 wrote: "I like flowers I plant flowers of all kind I have a garden I have loads of different flowers."



Student #13 wrote: "Me and Levi are wrestling and I won and I got a trophy and I got to see Zac and Cody and I got to go to Six Flags with Zac and Cody."


Student #14 wrote: "Me and Ada and Abbey S. are going to the hotel."




Student #15 wrote: "Me and Miss Cooper we are taking a picture to and it was fun to and she like it to and we want to go there again to."



Student #16 wrote: "One day I was (on) a field trip and we went to a football game and it was the Raiders against the Redskins and the Raiders had the ball the Raiders passed it."



Student #17 wrote: "I drew a picture of the earth she was proud of me I love Miss Cooper She gave me a sticker for me to take home. I like to collect a lot of stickers it is fun to be good a lot because I like to get a lot of them. I gave all of them to Miss Cooper."



Student #18 wrote: "Me and Gloria and Abbey S went to the movie theater and we saw a dog in the movie and it was crying."



Student #19 wrote: "Chickens took over the world and they changed chick filet to hen filet and the cows gave me a gift basket for eating more chicken and the gift basket came with cow body guards and the cows got in a fight with the chickens."


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