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On Wednesday, November 15, 2006, our classroom was transformed into a "fancy restaurant" so that our kids could take part in a very fun and memorable manners lesson where they practiced their good manners. As we have been focusing our attention on the upcoming Thanksgiving holidays, we had a Fruit Feast where the kids were able to combine everything they'd learned about having good manners with what they had learned about being thankful. We had parent volunteers come and be our very own "waitresses" who waited on our polite kindergarteners. Before eating their fruit, each child took turns telling what he or she was thankful for this Thanksgiving. The kids did a GREAT job, and I know they will use their skills at Thanksgiving dinner this year! When the kids entered our room, the tables had been covered, place cards marked where they were to sit, classical music was playing in the background, and a small vase of flowers served as the centerpiece for each table. 

Take a look at the pictures and see what a great job they all did. Don't they all look so cute? They wore their best clothes for the occasion!



Boys were instructed to pull out the chairs for the girls, and they showed their chivalry by waiting until all the girls had taken their seats before they were seated themselves. 

Who says chivalry is dead?



The "dinner" consisted of a fresh fruit salad and lemonade. Before starting to eat our salads, we learned the proper way to unfold a napkin and place it in our laps.

   The kids practiced their skills of using a fork and knife to properly cut their "dinner" while remembering to use their napkins that had been placed neatly in their laps. They were reminded to keep their elbows off the tables and use their quiet voices to talk with the people at their table.




Thanks to everyone who volunteered to be our "waitresses" for the "evening." I couldn't have done it without you! The transformation was a huge success, and I have faith that every child who participated could "hold their own" at even the fanciest of restaurants!






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