Ports of New Zealand

Scenic Cruising Fjordland Natl. Park--Auckland "City of Sails" 

Scenic Cruising: Fjordland National Park
April 21, 2008

We left Australia and crossed the Tasman Sea to spend the day cruising
the mystical and stunning fjords of the Fjordland National Park on the 
south island of New Zealand.

The day started off misty and foggy, but that just added to the magical aura 
of the area! We were able to cruise in and out of three of the four sounds we
were scheduled to visit: Milford Sound, Doubtful Sound, and Thompson Sound.
Because of incoming bad weather, we were not able to sail into Dusky Sound.

Cruising the fjords was one of the highlights of our entire cruise! 
Trying to capture the mystic and beauty of the fjords in a photo is almost impossible
to do, but maybe you can get an idea of what it was like in this slideshow!


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3rd Port of Call: Dunedin (Port Chalmers)
April 22, 2008 

We were scheduled to stop at the port of Dunedin, but we had to miss
this port due to bad weather. Everyone was disappointed, but we knew that
the captain made this decision to steer us away from dangerous weather conditions!


4th Port of Call: : Auckland--"City of Sails"
April 24, 2008

Our day in Auckland was full and fabulous! We started off with a trip to the 
Kelly Tarlton's Undersea World which was a recreation of what this 
famous diver saw "under the sea." It was very interesting, and we even 
experienced a "snowcat" ride!
Next, we went went on a tour of the city of Auckland and ended up at one of its
most impressive sights: the Sky Tower! We had a great visit there, and we even
got to watch one of very own KOALAS take a sky dive!!
Following the Sky Tower visit, we headed to the Auckland Zoo where we got a 
guided tour in which we got to see the shy and night loving--Kiwi!
Our final adventure was probably the highlight of our day---a sailboat ride in the 
beautiful Auckland harbor! Jody even got to help "hoist the sails" and be the captain
of the ship!
We loved New Zealand and hope to return here someday! 
Come along with us as we enjoy the "City of Sails"...........


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