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High Country Elementary


   School Activities   


Kinder News







Important Events to Remember




March 17-21

Spring Break

March 25

PTA Meeting: 6:45 pm

March 27

Staff Luncheon
UIL Contest

March 31

Progress Reports go home

April 3

UIL Contest

April 8

TAKS Math Test: 5th Grade

April 10

PTA Meeting: 6:45 pm 
Visiting Author: Jan Peck

April 18

5th 6 Weeks ends
Spring Parties: 2:00 pm

April 21

6th 6 Weeks begins

April 24

Fire Safety Program
Report Cards go home
Staff Luncheon

April 25

Bad Weather Make-Up Day

 April 29

TAKS: Math
Grades 3rd and 4th

 April 30

TAKS Reading Re-Test: 3rd and 5th grades
TAKS Reading Test: 4th Grade
TAKS Reading/Exit ELA Re-Test



March 17-21, 2008


Enjoy your SPRING BREAK this week! I will see you back in class on Monday, March 24. Have a fun week!




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