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"Get Down with 

Mother Goose"

October 5, 2006



On Thursday, October 5, 2006, kindergarten opened the year with the very first PTA program. They "Got Down With Mother Goose" by singing songs and dressing as their favorite nursery rhyme character. Ms. Stringer and all the kids worked so hard for several weeks to make the program a success. The kids did a GREAT job and looked adorable while performing in front of friends, family, and an entire gym full of spectators. What a great way to kick off the PTA programs this year. 

Thanks so much to Ms. Stringer for all her hard work. They did a terrific job!!




Check out the following pictures to see some of their favorite Nursery Rhyme characters come "to life."


We had butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers!

We even had some mice!



 I'm a spotted dog!








 I'm a cow!





Here are some more Nursery Rhyme characters. Aren't they cute?

Can you guess

who we are?



 Group shots are always fun!


Even Miss Cooper got in on the fun!



We had a great time "Getting Down with Mother Goose!"





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